16 January - 02 February 2012

Russ and Barbara van Aardt visited the stunning Similan Islands on a privately owned Catamaran . Unfortunately, a faulty compressor hampered dive possibilities. The top side sun sets and sunrises were gorgeous. The clear turquoise blue waters and stunning islands were breathtaking.

They then moved to KoRacha Yay Island, stayed at The Banrayaya Resort and Spa and dived with the Family owned dive shop (Tonie and Nana Thammachote), Raya Dive center, which proved to be a successful dive destination. Tonie and Nana are both Marine Scientists, who are passionate about conservation and have set up a coral nursery in the attempt to recolonize the area with live coral. "We found it an absolute pleasure diving with them and will possibly, next time, take advantage of the Apnea coarse that is offered. We really must return." said Barbara.