Hi everyone,

After almost 7 years of trading, it was time for a shakeup, to step forward, review and simplify, where possible.

So we did

It was felt that our original name, Surface Interval Productions, was long and a little clumsy and that not having matching email address, YouTube channels and Facebook pages, was a potential long term negative.

So we spent months, YES MONTHS!, trawling trough possible names, related to our business, trying to find meaning and then checking to see if there was still a .com domain name available. We had not realized just how much of a challenge this would be. Try it yourself, every desirable name has been registered. Even if they are not currently in use by someone, they are registered and for sale, at ridiculous prices too.

In the end and with some heavyweight consulting on board, thanks Peter Thomas for your inspiration and guidance, we came upon the name "FEROXED".

"Why FEROXED? What on earth does it mean? I cant find the word anywhere, "...we hear you all saying.

WELL   ...........

FEROX is the Latin word for 'wild' , 'fierce' or 'savage' and that does relate to the film stock and productions that we are producing. So why not just FEROX then? Yes, you guessed it, already registered, so no .com domain name available. :-(

So "FEROXED" it is

It is not often that we get the opportunity to create a new word .......

Feroxedadjective The feeling of awe, resulting from or having been exposed to, the beauty of Nature. (Soon to be added to the Oxford dictionary) :-) Come on, lets make that happen!

Our hope is to imply that once you have viewed one of our productions, or purchased stock from our vast 4K and 6K library, 'you have been FEROXED' and are more aware of the wild beauty that surrounds us all.

The by line “Naturally Wild Films” speaks for itself and the new name, is just that, only a name. The holding company is still Surface Interval Production (PTY) LTD as before and all the old links will lead to the website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page etc.

Many thanks for all your support in the past years and hopefully your continued support into the bright future ahead of us all.

Feel free to click on the following links to see where they take you and PLEASE let us know what you think of the change or if there are any problems with the links.

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