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Feroxed,  adjective :  The feeling of awe, resulting from or having been exposed to, the beauty of Nature.

(Soon to be added to the Oxford dictionary) :-) Come on, lets make that happen!


With two full time directors from different walks of life, Russ and Barbara van Aardt, make

FEROXED a creative power house. Producing 4K and 6K stock footage from underwater and topside environments.

Proud of our ability to think Outside the Frame, we not only strive to deliver a product that is of the highest quality but one that is diverse, innovative and always above and beyond the rest, while having little to no impact on the environment that we are filming in.

Whether it is for your documentary, feature film, music video, commercial or lifestyle show, FEROXED is filming the footage that you are looking for, with the zest, creative drive and passion that sums up who we are.

Come and find a whole new vision with FEROXED.


Here are our lates Showreels and Productions

This short Showreel is a small extract from all our 4K Film Stock shot during 2016, that was not filmed in Africa and therefore, not showcased in the "SIP4Stock Africa Showreel 2016" in our previous Blog post. Destinations included in "SIP4Stock Tropical Showreel 2016" are, Cocos Island - Costa Rica, Raja Ampat - Indonesia and The Maldives.

Please see our Blog for more information on our showreels and adventures.

SIP4Stock AFRICA Showreel 2016. Here are just a few extracts from over 5 hours of 4K RAW film Stock shot in Africa during 2016.

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